Saturday, January 17, 2009

Living with Heaven and Internet problems

OOOOO-AAAAH, sorry about the delay in my blogging, we've been having multiple problems with our wireless Internet server at the ranch, and I have been battling a horrible case of apathy in all things writing related as of late, but now I'm back on the horse and I hope you enjoy looking at the world through the eyes of yours truly. By the way thank-you to everyone who has deemed it necessary to post such appreciative and gracious comments. I am both humbled and honored that y'all guys take the time to read these ridiculous little things.
I've been thinking a lot about my legacy, what will I be remembered for here on earth when God sees fit to call me to my home in the "sky" ( I'll explain why I put sky in quotations in my next post, I would explain it now but I'm still trying to explain it to myself, so be patient) :-)
Anyway as I was saying, I've been thinking a lot about the legacy I will leave behind when I die. On the surface it's a rather morbid subject that most people tend to avoid, and while I think thinking about it too much can result in some very dangerous thought patterns I think it is worth delving into on occasion.
Oswald Chambers has a quote that I think sums up what I want to be remembered for and it goes like this: "Never run away with the idea that you can ever do a thing or have an attitude of mind before God which no one else need know about. A man is what he is in the dark. Remain loyal to God and to his saints in private and in public, and you will find that not only are you continually with God, but that God is counting on you."
WOW!!! What a statement, and what a goal. That's what I want my friends and family to be able to say about me when God calls me home, is that I stayed true to myself, and that staying true to myself, I stayed true to my God. Now don't get me wrong I fail constantly in this aspect of my relationship with God, and I will probably always fail in this simply because like the rest of the world I'm human, or at least I was last time I checked, but just because we can't do something doesn't mean we shouldn't try. Who knows, maybe the more I fail in my issues of character the better I will become in accomplishing this goal. Because as a very wise friend of mine was reminded me "Sometimes great failures are just great successes in disguise.
Anyways that's what's been bouncing around in this strange mind of mine for the last couple of days and it had to escape somewhere and this is where it chose to escape to. :-) As I said I'll explain the mysterious quotations in my next post which I promise won't be too long delayed.
Until next time, keep smilin' and may God richly bless ya.


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